How to take and post a screen shot.

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How to take and post a screen shot.

Post  GrimStone on Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:38 pm

How to take and post Screen Shots

Taking a screen shot while playing King's Empire on your iDevice is easy!

Just press your Home and Power buttons on your device at the same time. You will know the screen shot has been taken because your screen will flash white for a second. Your screen shots are saved in your camera roll by default.

Now you want to post your screen shot right here on the forums.

To do this, first choose this button:

From here select Choose File, and select Exisiting Photo.

MAKE SURE YOU RESIZE YOUR SCREEN SHOT USING THE MENU OR IT WONT FIT!! Choose to resize it to 320 PX width (for blogs).

Now hit Host It.

The following screen gives you 3 options to link your newly uploaded screen shot:

Copy the 3rd option: Image URL (the copy button doesn't work for me, you may have to copy it manually)

Now, choose this button:

Paste the URL that you just copied in the URL field and select insert. (ignore the width and height options)

Your post should now have some image tags around that URL looking something similar to this:

All that second button does is add those image tags around the URL you copied. Some people may find that easier than going through the second step.

To check that your screen shot is working and uploaded correctly, you can choose the Preview button, before finishing your post.

If everything looks the way you want it to, hit send.

That's it!


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