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King's Empire FAQ

Post  GrimStone on Thu Oct 03, 2013 7:10 pm

How can I make a 5th city?

To create a 5th city you need to have the castle in your main city at level 40, 60 Painite & 30 Divine Statues.

What are Divine Statues and where can I get them?

Divine Statues are only used for creating your 5th city. They can be purchased from the in-game store for 10 gems each. Occasionally Divine Statues may be obtained from events, but those events are very rare and they are very difficult to obtain during those events.

Is the 5th city worth it? What does it do?

The 5th city allows you 2 more building queues, 2 more construction queues, and access to 2 advanced units: The Zeppelin and The Meat Grinder.

What is Painite and what is it used for?

Painite is a random drop from mid and high level NPC camps. It is used to build your 5th city and elite units.

How can I increase my score?

Spending resources is the main way to raise your score and level up in King's Empire.

How can I increase my Alliance score?

An alliances score is a percentage of all of its players scores added together. So, to increase your alliance score, just play the game!

What are __________ ?

Chances are what you're asking about is partially explained in the items description. Open your inventory and click on the icon to learn more about the item in question.

Usually these odd items came from an event and dropped from attacking a camp. Check the current events and see if there is an explanation there. Another option is to try and use the item if the option is available. It will sometimes explain more about what is needed if you are missing something.

What's the best way to spend gems?

It's mostly a preference thing, but I spend most of my gems on Blood Pacts & Artisans.

I'd recommend against speeding the construction of buildings unless you really badly need the benefit of the building. It is better to speed the training troops and free up a queue to start training more troops and strengthen your army.

What's the best upgrade for my walls?


I've built my walls but it didn't do anything against an attack! What went wrong?

After every level upgraded on your wall, you MUST repair it. Even if you have never been attacked, REPAIR IT!

The health bar on your wall should be GREEN, not RED

Green = Good
Red = Bad


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