Grim's Guide to King's Empire

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Grim's Guide to King's Empire

Post  GrimStone on Mon Sep 30, 2013 8:19 pm

Grim's Guide to King's Empire

So you wanna be a king, eh?

The first thing to do is read and complete the in-game tutorial. Not only does it teach you basic mechanics and terms used in the game, but it also rewards you with extremely useful things, like resources gold and even gems!

Once the tutorial is complete you'll find yourself with a small army, some resources, and some low level buildings. Congrats! You're well on your way to ruling your kingdom!

The first thing to do is remove all of your citizens from your Lumber Mill, Farm, Quarry, & Iron Mine. These citizens, when not assigned a job, will produce GOLD! Almost 100% of the time, it is more beneficial to ignore the 4 resource camps in town in favor of farming NPC camps or even using the market to buy resources.

Now that you have a steady income of gold, it's time to start thinking about farming for some resources, after all, without resources we can't build anything!

Open your Barracks and start training swordsmen. ALWAYS train your troops at 50% time 200% resources (slider all the way to the right) The most valuable resource in this game isn't stored in Warehouses or sold on the market.... It's TIME! You can always farm more resources, but the only thing that can effect time is GEMS!

So after just a minute or two, your new swords are ready to rush headlong into battle. Open the region map and find the closest level 1 camp. Hopefully, it will be adjacent to your city. Select the camp and choose to attack. Send all of your troops except scouts.

If you followed the in-game tutorial, you will have zero problem winning the battle.

When your troops arrive home with your newfound resources, go back to the Barracks and queue up another set of swords. (ALWAYS 50% time, 200% resources)

While you wait for your new troops to train, go and hit that (hopefully) adjacent camp again, and again, and again, and again. A level 1 camp will stick around for you to farm until the respawn, so take advantage of this easy source of resources.

Now's a good time to check out your inventory. You should have at least 1 Artisan in there (if you haven't already used it). Go ahead and use it. This will increase your available building queues by 2, meaning you can upgrade 4 buildings at once in this city!

The Artisan lasts 24 hours and can last even longer depending on the level of your church.

So at this point you should have farmed that level 1 camp a bunch of times, have some resources to spend, and burned the Artisan.

Lets upgrade some buildings!

All buildings in King's Empire have a maximum level of 40.  

Castle: A king's home is his castle, and yours is no different. Your castle has the unique property of speeding up all building construction in the city in which it stands.
The castle in your main city is special; every 10 levels allows you to build another city. (Up to 5 total)

Living Quarters: This is where your citizens live. The higher level your Living Quarters are, the more citizens you have at your disposal. Citizens are used to work the 4 resource camps in town, or when left alone, produce gold for the city.

Barracks: The Barracks are where all non-magic units are trained. This is where the heart of your army is made. The higher the level of your Barracks, the faster your troops will train. More powerful troops are also unlocked as the Barracks increases in level.

Warehouse: Pretty basic. The higher the level of your Warehouse, the more resources you can hold in your city. DO NOT overlook the importance of this building. Spending resources is how you increase your score, and level up. You can never have too much storage, especially once you are able to farm level 11 camps.

Church: Often forgotten about, the faith of your citizens can change the tide of a war. The Church has several purposes including healing your wounded soldiers, and bestowing valuable blessings. The final blessings in particular only cost gold and are extremely useful in both farming and in PVP. As you level your Church, more blessings become unlocked and all blessings last longer periods of time.

Magic Sanctum: The Magic Sanctum is where you can train magic based units. While they cost more resources, and take considerably longer to train; many of them have a chance to trigger powerful unique abilities that can mean the difference between a close battle, and a blood bath. The higher the level of your Magic Sanctum, the faster your magic units will train and more powerful units become unlocked.

Market: The Market is where players can buy and sell resources. The level of your market determines the amount of resources you are able to sell at any given time. The amount a player is allowed to sell in the Market is also the amount the player is able to transport to other cities or players. The ability to move large quantities of resources between cities can save a lot of headaches as the Warehouse in your main city begins to overflow. The Market can also be used as a temporary warehouse for 24 hours if you put a resource for sale at the max price. Warning: after 24 hours your Market sale will expire and the resources will be retuned to you regardless of if you have the room in your Warehouse or not.

Academy: The largest army in the world isn't going to help if your generals are as dumb as a box of rocks. That being said, the Academy offers trainable skills that improve the offense & defense of your troops. It also can help reduce losses in battle, save a finite amount of resources when attacked, decrease the time it takes to repair walls, and improve the efficiency of the four in-city camps. As the Academy is leveled up, more skills and higher levels of skills are unlocked. Skills in the Academy max out at level 10.

Embassy: The Embassy is a unique building in King's Empire. The purpose of the Embassy is solely for alliances. Here, a player may join or create an alliance.  A player can only build the Embassy, it requires an alliance leader to level up by spending gold and/or gems. As the Embassy is leveled up by an alliance leader, more players may join the alliance. The description also mentions the ability to appoint more ministers in the alliance but as of the time of this writing, there is no limit to the number of ministers an alliance may have, regardless of Embassy level. The Embassy is an alliances source of all information about its members. A full roster as well as alliance donation rankings are both available to view in the Embassy. From that list, alliance members can send resources to one another, and an alliance leader can distribute alliance gold to members, or promote/demote members.

Wall: The wall is your first line of defense in a war game that favors offense. Once leveled up, and upgraded properly, your wall can effectively DOUBLE the defensive power of your army. Every few levels of an upgraded wall allows you to add 1 of 3 different upgrades. The descriptions of each upgrade are clearly shown when you go to upgrade, so I won't repeat them here. What I will mention is that 2 out of the 3 upgrades are terribly underpowered and pale in comparison to Bindings. The other upgrades may sound interesting, but don't fall for it, the only thing worth upgrading your wall with are Bindings. To double your defensive power of your army, upgrade your wall to level 40 (max) and use all 10 upgrades on Bindings and level them all to level 10 (max).

Once you advance the level of your wall, you MUST repair it. Building the wall alone does NOT do anything to protect your city; it must first be repaired to have an affect.

Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry, Farm, Iron Mine: Don't bother. I'm not explaining them. If you're seriously still wondering what they do, just delete the app now please.

Now, everyone is sure to have their own style and preference of building. You can make your own decisions after reading descriptions both in this guide and in the game itself.

What follows is how *I* build. I am NOT the best player in the world or even on the server. This may or may not be what works best for you; your milage may vary.

The first 4 buildings I choose to build are: Castle, Living Quarters, Barracks, Warehouse.

The Castle expedites all other building times, The Living Quarters provide gold, The Barracks should be leveled ASAP to unlock costly but powerful troop types, and the Warehouse is necessary to hold the resources and make sure my farming efforts don't go to waste by overflowing.


When starting out, my goal is to develop a fast farming team as soon as possible. When you have a low level Barracks, you're limited to Swordsmen. They train quickly, have mediocre attack power, and are cheap to replace. They will make up your early farming force until you can unlock the real stars of the farming world: TEMPLARS!

Just like building, everyone has their own style of farming. Some prefer to stick to swords due to their cheap cost and quick replacement value. Other people choose Paladins because of their speed, strength, and durability.

My choice, as I mentioned earlier, is the Templar. I chose this unit for my farming force because of its marching speed and inexpensive cost to feed during their march to battle. They are inexpensive, and relatively quick to produce. Their weak point is their low attack power. Despite that, I feel the benefits outweigh the negatives and send only Templars when farming.

My goal with my farming force is to have enough Templars to send out 4 attacks at the same time from each city, plus a few thousand extra for replacements.

The charts listed below are the number of troops to send to a camp and have minimal losses. This chart is based on maxed out Academy skills for attack, so you may need to adjust accordingly to minimize losses with weaker Academies.

10 •• 36,952 •• 57,371
9 •• 26,964 •• 41,869
8 •• 18,972 •• 29,457
7 •• 12,750 •• 19,790
6 •• 8,050 •• 12,504
5 •• 4,700 •• 7,298
4 •• 2,461 •• 3,815
3 •• 1,088 •• 1,693
2 •• 394 •• 610
1 •• 133 •• 204


10 •• 26,940 •• 30,418
9 •• 19,665 •• 22,199
8 •• 13,836 •• 15,623
7 •• 9,300 •• 10,501
6 •• 5,891 •• 6,051
5 •• 3,449 •• 3,884
4 •• 1,811 •• 2,047
3 •• 821 •• 921
2 •• 301 •• 337
1 •• 119 •• 126


10 •• 19,514 •• 18,839
9 •• 14,251 •• 13,760
8 •• 10,035 •• 9,689
7 •• 6,750 •• 6,522
6 •• 4,289 •• 4,142
5 •• 2,521 •• 2,436
4 •• 1,333 •• 1,290
3 •• 618 •• 598
2 •• 246 •• 240
1 •• 116 •• 109

Now, you can farm, and have started upgrading some buildings! But this is just the beginning.

Hopefully, you've found some like-minded friends and either formed or joined an Alliance. When your alliance has grown a bit, it may be time for you all to take your first big step together: Taking a Capital!

Attacking a Capital:

The process begins with the alliance declaring war on a Capital, which starts a 24 hour bidding war for the right to attack.

Immediately following the 24 hour period, war begins.

The war will last for 2 hours.

To help in the war effort:

- Bring up the world map, and select the capital that we are attacking. It will be indicated by an icon.

- Click on the Senate. During war 3 options are available as well as overall troop counts from each side and a colored bar indicating the tide of the war.

Attackers and Defenders buttons show the units sent and in what quantity, by each side respectively.

The last (and most important) button is Reinforce. This is the button to push to send your troops to the capital and help your side.

Send everything you have except scouts.

The travel time from anywhere on the map to a capital is 30 minutes. The exception to this is if you are sending troops from inside the region of the capital. In that case, the travel time is only 15 minutes.

Once the war begins, you will have 90 minutes to reinforce. (120min - 30min travel time). If there is less than 30 minutes left in the battle, the game will not allow you to reinforce, as your troops will not arrive on time.

Troops march on their stomachs. It's not cheap to send your entire army on a 30 minute hike. Be prepared. Do not get caught at the last minute wasting gold on overpriced food in the market.

It doesn't hurt to have some gold saved up to heal injured soldiers. If everyone works together, troop losses should be minimal, but occasionally, real life events happen and you don't always get everyone to attack. Having gold ready to heal injured troops can really save on rebuild time.

Once you own a capital, you can select your cap from the world map and buy items from our crafters once the Alliance upgrades them.

This guide is for capital wars against the NPCs. The general idea and mechanics are the same during capital wars with other alliances, but there is a layer of strategy involved, that can change depending on situation.

PVP (player vs player)

At some point in your journey, your Empire will be challenged by another. It may be a random player attacking you for no particular reason, it may be because your alliance is at war, it may even be because of something you said in World Chat. Whatever the reason, it WILL happen eventually.

The chances are pretty good that if someone attacks you, you will lose the fight. If they chose to attack, they are likely very confident in their ability to win and are probably a higher level player than you are.

The attack may be so bad that it kills of almost your entire army or "wipes" you.

I'm here to tell you that it happens to ALL of us. It is NOT the end of the world. If you got emotionally attached to your virtual soldiers, then perhaps this isn't the game for you.

For the rest of us, the answer is: rebuild and learn why you lost. You will build your army back very quickly and be smarter about it.

Analyze the Battle Report. See what your enemy is strong in, see what they're weak in. Look to see what part of your defense was lacking and left you vulnerable.

You can win fights with players that are higher level than you by building SMART.

Take advantage of Walls and Binding upgrades for it. And don't forget to REPAIR your wall! Building and leveling up the wall is not enough, even before it has ever been attacked, you MUST REPAIR it.

But hey, you don't always have to be on the defensive side of things, right? One day, your Alliance may be at WAR!

Now I'm going to make a statement that may turn a lot of players off to the game, but it's true, and not exactly a secret.

Gems win wars.

Anyone can fight a war, it is true, but gems make juggernauts.

So you've accepted that fact, and you're still here. Good!

There's more to war than just attacking, but alliance strategies can vary widely, so much so, that I won't even begin to cover them here.

What I will mention is how to preform your basic gem based attack.

Enter the city you wish to attack from; usually your main city with the most advanced and leveled up Academy. Go to your Church and choose: Emergency Withdrawal and Guardian Angel. (If you don't have these yet, you probably aren't ready for this kind of war)

Locate your target on the map, and find an open "buildable" spot as close to their city as possible. You'll know it's "buildable" because it will give the option at the top of the screen to create or move city.

Move your city right next to theirs. The cost of this is 100 gems and you are locked to that spot for 12 hours.

Click their city and choose to attack. Choose all of your offensive units. Make use of things like: Phalanx,  Rush of Cavalry, Magic Resonance, and Machine Strengthening. Also use a Time Hourglass if you have one.

Unleash the fury!

If you moved your city anywhere within a 30 minute march and used a Time Hourglass, they will NOT receive a push notification of the attack. It will be instant, and unavoidable.

As soon as you get the email of the Battle Report, don't read it, IMMEDIATELY go back to your Church, and buy a Peace Agreement at a cost of 40 gems. If you hesitate to buy the Peace Agreement, do not be surprised if someone very quickly moves THEIR city right next to yours to launch the counter attack.


So now you know how to farm for resources, build your city, train your army, take a Capital, and fight a war.

You have everything you need to rule your Empire!



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